New Investor Questionnaire

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    Q1: Do you already have investment properties? If yes, what type and where? Do these offer any particular challenges to you?

    Q2: Do you have an investment strategy?

    Are you interested in buying a particular type of property?

    What is your budget?

    What type of tenants do you prefer to have?

    Q3: What are your financial/property goals? Is cash flow or capital growth more important to you? Are you interested in flips?

    Q4: What timescale do you want to achieve your goals in? Are you buying with cash or mortgage (do you have a Broker or Decision in Principle)

    Q5: Would you manage the refurbishment and lettings yourself?
    What extent of refurbishment would you be happy to consider. Would you prefer this to be minimal/light or be willing to consider something more substantial?

    Q6: What are your expectations from someone who sources properties for you? Is there a particular yield or return on investment that you want to achieve on each deal?

    Q7: What training/steps have you already taken or are planning to take to develop your property investor career?

    Q8: Do you have any questions about Hull Investment Property or any aspect of sourcing that you would like to ask?

    Q9: UK investors only - Are you buying in a UK Limited Company ? If so please provide Company details.

    Q10: International investors only - Do you already have a UK Registered Limited Company set up with a UK Company Bank Account ? If so please provide UK Company details